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When you feel STUCK in a life that looks "fine" to everyone on the outside, but feels empty and joyless on the inside to you; consider what is yearning to awake within you.  I am here to guide you through to the other side. To a life that is full of possibilities; full of ENERGY, ABUNDANCE and JOY.

The one thing I know for sure is that I AM the creator and healer of this one beautiful and abundant life. My choices in each moment direct my reality and my PEACE is my connection to SPIRIT.

I also know the same holds true for you, and I want to show you.

I will help you discover what is making YOU feel STUCK and disconnected to your TRUE powerful self.   

YOU have that DIVINE spark and you are ready to discover your connection to your Higher Self, your angels and guides. Let's GO!

Professional Bio

Jacqui was born in New York City and raised in both Europe and New Jersey. Her traveling childhood helped her to widen her perspective of the world. 

15 years ago, after taking a Bikram Yoga class, she felt an undescribable energy and began seeking for more. That day was the start of her beautiful journey.

In 2010 she was presented with her first energetic lesson of brain balancing when both of her daughters suffered from life changing concussions. In 2015 Jacqui had yet another beautiful lesson with discovering a lump in her breast.

These two blessings, were the start to a shamanic life she could have never imagined for herself. 

She currently resides and works in St. Louis, Missouri with her family. You can find Jacqui at Silver Lining in Town and Country

Jacqui is certified in Usui Holy Fire and Karuna as a Reiki Master and teacher, certified in QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), is a Certified Spiritual Healer under James VanPragh, and is currently training to complete Shaman training and Synergia.

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kris robinson

It's amazing how much I've been able to release since I've started seeing Jacqui.  She's so gifted at moving out old energy that no longer serves me. My body feels refreshed and calm when she's finished with our session. She's there to support you on the journey and help you grow. I'm blessed to know Jacqui and thankful for her compassion and guidance.

Cindy Hibbs

Cindy hibbs

Jacqui’s work is incredible. Words can’t  express exactly what she does - each experience with her can be wildly different yet always leaves me glowing with a most peaceful mind. Each session has brought me to a stronger awareness and connection to my higher self. The time she spends helping with understanding the experience and providing practical suggestions to carry forward into my daily life has lead to continuous growth whether it be for my spiritual and/or physical path.  What she does needs to be experienced - I wholeheartedly recommend a session - you will only want more!

Sonya McGowin


I have done body work with Jacqui for over a year now. My time with her has helped me to connect with my higher self, rid myself of energy patterns that have been keeping me sick and from reaching my full potential.  She is so intuitive, supportive, gently challenging, and humble. This combination serves me best, because rather than  being a guru, she gives me tools to see within myself, power of what is already there waiting to manifest. 

Sessions with Jacqui begin with a conversation, followed by body work,  and ending with a conversation to wrap things up. Each and every piece of her work is valuable and bring results. Because of Jacqui’s work with me, I feel powerful, connected with my higher self , my angels and guides, and have found joy in areas of my life that have otherwise been a chore. She is a light worker who helps me help myself. She is amazing! 

Chris Roemer

Chris Roemer

I have had three sessions with Jacqui, including Aura Soma. I see an exponential difference! She could also tell how far I have come since seeing her.  There have been so many instances when something clicks and I realize how much better I’m feeling, and how in tune I am with my higher self. It was serendipitous to meet Jacqui, and my energy has been enhanced. She is a powerful healer and very dedicated to her work.


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